Josée Bisaillon

Leo Interviews Josée Bisaillon:

josee bisaillonLeo: Josée, I like your pictures so much! They’re drawings and paintings and cut outs all at the same time. How did you make them?

Josée: Thanks Leo! I like to use different mediums when I create my illustrations. I use basically everything that comes to my hands! I can use recycled papers for my cut outs (like envelopes, wrapping papers, construction paper leftovers, even old drawings from my kids!) and also color pencils, pens, watercolor, acrylic paint, ink, ink pens, and it goes on !

Leo: I love my big family. How many people are in your family?

Josée: Well, we are 5 in my family (6, if you want to count or silly hairless cat, Monsieur Rémi). There’s of course me and my husband, our oldest daughter Charlotte (she’s 7), and then there’s our twins, Henri and Margot (they are 5).

We also like our big family reunion, with my brother and sister, my sisters-in-law, the grandparents, cousins and friends!

Leo: Did you have a nonna? What was she like?

Josée: Yes, I had a nonna, and I loved her very much. She was a wonderful person, and a wonderful cook! I remember her zucchini muffns….it was delicious! I’m lucky enough to have her recipe, so sometimes I make them, and my kids also love them!

Leo: In my family we speak English, but use a lot of Italian words, too. What languages does your family speak?

Josée: We only speak French (although my husband and I speak English as well, and I know a bit of Spanish), but I hope my kids will have the same love for languages as I do and will learn a couple of languages!

Leo: I love to play. When I play, I forget to eat. Then I don’t want to stop playing! Does this ever happen to you?

Josée: Yes it does! When I’m very concentrated on doing an illustration, sometimes I forget to eat!

Leo: When I remember to eat, pasta is my favourite food. What’s your favourite food?

Josée: I think my favorite meal would be sushi, but I also have a sweet tooth, and I really like chocolate!

Leo: My parents read me book stories, but my nonna loves to make up stories. When you were little what did you like best, made up stories or book stories?

Josée: When I was young, I preferred books stories so I could see the beautiful illustrations.

Leo: You drew such a scary wolf! Have you ever seen one? What animal are you scared of most?

Josée: I’ve only seen wolves in a zoo! I don’t particularly like snakes and I wouldn’t want to meet a big one when I’m alone!

Leo: Now that you’re finished drawing the pictures for my story, whose story are you drawing?

Josée: I’m drawing pictures for a story about a little girl named Sophie, who doesn’t like dolls and dreams about going on adventures in Africa.

It was nice answering your questions, Leo! Thanks!