Joe Weissmann

Nicky Ha Ha Grant interviews Joe Weissman:

Nicky:  I typed Very Serious Children on a typewriter.  How did you draw the pictures?

Joe: I used a quill pen and ink to do the drawings.  First, I sketched the drawings with a pencil and then I inked the drawings.

Nicky:  Do you draw every day?

Joe: I don’t draw everyday although I do think about drawing and art every day. I tend to draw off and on.  I’ll draw for a period of time and then stop for a while.

Nicky: Do you have a dog?

Joe: I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and they are all old. Last month, our Golden Lab passed away and that was very sad. Occasionally, the dogs and the cats come to the studio and sleep on a couch while I work.  Unfortunately, one of the dogs seems to like to chew paint tubes so I have to watch out.

Nicky:  I’m so sorry about your dog!  What province do you live in?  Have you been to Saskatchewan?

Joe: I live in Ontario and, unfortunately, I have not been to Saskatchewan.  I’d love to visit though.

Nicky: What is your favourite food group in the Canada Food Guide?

Joe: I’m a fruit guy! I never seem to have enough fruit. My favorites are oranges, bananas and all kind of berries.  Not to mention figs, pomegranates, melons, etc.

Nicky: Have you ever tried rollmops?

Joe:  I’ve never had rollmops but I have had and love pickled herring.  I guess I’ll have to try some.

Nicky: Don’t, Joe!  They’re horrible.  Tell me about the first time you went to the circus.

Joe:  The first time I went to the circus was when I lived in Montreal and I was about 12 or 13.  I found it fantastic and could get over all the goings on in all 3 rings.  It was magical.

Nicky: Have you ever run away from home?

Joe: I never ran away from home and it never even occurred to me.  I grew up in Israel and had a great adventurous child hood.   Between swimming in the Mediterranean, searching for artifacts in the ground, climbing trees and raiding the local orchards for fruits, I was way too busy to think about running away.

Nicky: Thanks so much, Joe.  You’re so interesting!

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