Helen Flook

Bruno Interviews Helen Flook

Helen Flook self-portrait


Bruno: What’s your favourite colour to eat?

Helen: Has to be rainbows – that about covers everything I think!


Bruno: I speak English and Car.  What languages do you speak?

Helen: I  speak pretty good English, very bad Welsh, terrible French, and very good Cat.


Bruno:  Let me try Cat. Prrrrrrr. I think you live in Wales.  Wales is pretty close to where the most important person in the world, the Queen, lives.  Have you been to her house?  What’s she like?  Does she eat bangers and mash off a plate with her own picture on it?

Helen: Afraid I don’t live very close to the Queen, but I do live not far from one of her grandsons and his new wife. Guess who? Maybe they like rainbow food too?


Bruno: Are there dragons living on your street?

Helen: I believe there are dragons on every street corner in Wales, but you have to be very quick to spot them as they are very good at camouflage.


Bruno: What do you do when you get the hiccups?

Helen: When I get hiccups, which is almost never, I drink a glass of water upside down. I soon forget to hiccup when all the water goes up  my nose.


Bruno: Helen, be careful!  You could drown! Have you ever done anything really bad, besides drinking a glass of water upside down?

Helen: I am a goody two shoes all the time! (Ha! Ha!)


Bruno: I’m in level 3 in swimming and grade 2 in school.  I did the math.  I’m in level 5 in life!  What level are you in?

Helen: Right now I feel as if I am up to about a level 100.


Bruno: Did you go to school to learn to draw such great pictures?

Helen: I certainly did go to an Art School, but ANYONE can draw, you don’t really need to go anywhere special to learn – just pick up a  pencil and start doodling.

Bruno: Okay!  I’m going to do that right now!