Ben Clanton

Jasper John Dooley interviews Ben Clanton:

JJD: Ben, in your drawing of yourself you have short brown hair.  Your nose is a backward c.  Your eyes are dots.  In your drawing of me I have short brown hair.  My nose is a backward c.  My eyes are dots.  What’s going on?!

Ben: Good question, Jasper! I think it is because I find us to be a lot alike. We both like to collect things, find belly button lint funny + special, and like to make things. So, I see a lot of myself in you. That AND I like the way I drew you and felt like I looked a bit like you, so used my drawing of you as a starting point for my drawing of myself. I find self-portraits to be so so so hard to do.

JJD: I collect lint.  What do you collect?

Ben:I love collecting things! I especially like to collect books and wind-up toys (mainly robots). When I was your age I collected basketball cards, rocks and coins.

JJD: How many people are growing on your Family Tree?

Ben: The family I live in the same house with (on the same branch) is small. Just my wife, my puppy, and me. But the entire tree is HUGE! My dad had eight kids and most of his kids have had a lot of kids. In fact, I’m an uncle to 28 people and a great uncle to 3 (soon to be 5). I also have lots of cousins. All together? No idea!

JJD: What do you do to feel like a Star?

Ben: Draw, paint and create worlds!

JJD: Do you have favourite pajamas?

Ben: I’ve got a pair of batman pajamas I like, but when I was a kid I had an awesome pair of chicago bulls pajamas. If only I still fit them. 🙂

JJD: Have you ever tried sleepwalking?

Ben: I’ve really got to give it a go sometime. I’ve talked in my sleep before but that is as close as I’ve gotten.

JJD: When you want a special snack, what do you eat?

Ben: Chocolate! Or macaroni and cheese. But never a combination of the two. 🙂

JJD: Is it so so so so much fun to draw all day long?

Ben: YES, or at least MOST of the time. I do get frustrated sometimes when my drawings aren’t turning out the way I want. But, overall, I couldn’t imagine a better job than drawing all day. EXCEPT perhaps for being a dragon-tamer who also draws. I’m working on that!

JJD:  Thanks a lot, Ben!  I’m so so so glad you drew me!

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