Caroline Adderson

Caroline Adderson is the author of a bunch of books for kids. Very Serious Children (Scholastic 2007) is a very funny novel about two brothers, the sons of clowns, who run away from the circus. I, Bruno (Orca 2007) and its sequel, Bruno For Real (Orca 2009), are collections of stories for emerging readers featuring seven year-old Bruno and his true life adventures. From Kids Can Press comes the hilarious Jasper John Dooley series of chapter books: Jasper John Dooley, Star of the Week (2012), Jasper John Dooley, Left Behind (2013), Jasper John Dooley, NOT in Love (2014), Jasper John Dooley, You're In Trouble (2015), Jasper John Dooley, Lost and Found (2015) and Jasper John Dooley, Public Library Enemy #1 (2016). Middle of Nowhere (Groundwood 2012) is a middle-grade novel about two inner city brothers who abscond to the north woods with an elderly neighbour in order to stay out of foster care. Also for middle-grade readers is A Simple Case of Angels (Groundwood 2014), the story of a girl who, along with her dog, comes to suspect that the local care home houses more than old folks.

Norman, Speak! (Groundwood 2014) is Caroline’s first picture book. Look out for two more: Eat, Leo! Eat! (Kids Can 2015) and I Love You One to Ten (Groundwood 2015).

Caroline also writes books for books for grown up readers. Her work for adults and children has received many prizes and prize nominations.

News and events

In Memoriam: Sheila Barry

I am just one of many children’s authors devastated by the news of Sheila Barry’s passing.  I began working with Sheila at Kids Can when she nurtured Jasper John Dooley into print.  She moved on to become publisher of Groundwood Books, where we also worked together.  Over the years we became snail mail correspondents and friends.

From Sheila I learned that children’s literature is every bit as creative and challenging to write as adult fiction; more so, if you dare. Despite the misconception that kidlit is didactic, she had only one rule that I ever heard her mention: if someone is jumping on a trampoline, give her a net. She urged us to take chances, walked us through the impossible, and so she kept her writers safe and published books that gave kids the chance to soar.

Sheila was our net.

Please read her Publishers Weekly obituary.

Jasper John Dooley, A Turkish Delight!

How thrilling to see a book translated into a another language.  Now Jasper John Dooley is making all kinds of new friends in … Turkey!  Here’s the information for Turkish speakers. 

More Chocolate for Jasper!

I’m thrilled that the latest Jasper John Dooley book — Public Library Enemy #1 — has been nominated for a Chocolate Lily Award.  The Chocolate Lily is a young readers’ choice book award which encourages BC kids to read BC books.  This is my 6th nomination!  Thank you to all the BC kids for reading!  See the list of 2017-18 nominees here.

Reading Lights!

Eat, Leo!  Eat! is now included in Vancouver Public Library’s wonderful early literacy initiative. You can visit the plaque at Grays Park in Vancouver, BC.  Here’s a complete list of the Reading Light plaques and where they are located.

Fifty Funny Books!

I’m one of the judges for the inaugural Joan Betty Stuchner Oy Vey Funniest Children’s Book Award!  “The $1000 Joan Betty Stuchner—Oy Vey! —Funniest Children’s Book Award will be presented biannually to a Canadian author or illustrator of the work of juvenile fiction that had the jury most: buckled over with guffaws, incapacitated with giggles, and/or rib-ticklingly, side-splittingly, thigh-slappingly entertained.”  That I am!  Thank you to all the publishers who sent in submissions!

Oy Vey submissionsOy Vey submissions with dogOy Vey

Word Vancouver

Word Vancouver logoI’m so happy to be presenting Jasper John Dooley, Public Library Enemy #1 at Word.  Come by and help with the Toast Restaurant!  Sunday 23 September at 1:20 at VPL Library Square.  See the full Word schedule here.

A Chocolate Lily Trophy for Jasper

I’m thrilled to have received this gorgeous BC-shaped trophy for Jasper John Dooley NOT in Love.  The award is for the best BC chapter book published in 2015-2016, chosen by BC kids.  Thanks so much to all the readers!

Chocolate lily trophy

Jasper John Dooley Likes Chocolate…

Chocolate lily logo… Lilies, that is!  Jasper John Dooley, NOT in Love has won the 14th Annual Chocolate Lily Book Award in the Chapter Book Category, along with Cyndi Marko’s Kung Pow Chicken: Let’s Get Cracking.  Thanks so much to all the young readers of BC!  Read about all the winners here.

Authors for Indies!

Victoria kids!  Come on down to Munro’s Books!  I’d love to meet you!

Authors for Indies

Jasper in Today’s Parent

Look who’s featured on Today’s Parent’s April reading list!  Congratulations, Jasper John Dooley!  Read more about Jasper John Dooley Public Library Enemy #1 here.

Today's Parent